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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

St James Cycle Trail

New Zealand Cycle Trail

Canterbury , South Island

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The St James Cycle Trail is the first trail of the newly developed Great Rides to be completely ride-able.  It is however outside the mould of the other cycle trails in that this ride is strictly for advanced cyclists.

There are not enough superlatives to describe the incredible high country scenery surrounding the St James Cycle Trail.  Surrounded by the publicly owned St James Station words such as huge, desolate and untouched spring to mind, and it's less than 10 kilometres from the tourist haven of Hanmer Springs.

The St James Cycle Trail proper starts from a car park at the top of TopHouse Road just before Lake Tennyson.  From Hanmer Springs take the steep gravel Clarence Valley Road which is off Jacks Pass Rd.  As you come down from Jack's Pass the valley opens out, turn left onto TopHouse Road at the Y Junction.  The car park is about 30km from the turn off.  Driving toward the track start you will pass the old St James homestead on your left hand side after about 3.5km.  This is the end of the St James Cycle Trail.  If you are going to ride the trail as a whole circuit it may be wise to park and ride from here.  Alternatively, if you have two cars leave one here.

TopHouse Rd is flat and gravel although it contains some large potholes and corrugation. 

From the car park at TopHouse Rd the trail is signposted.  It starts with a meandering trail undulating through the high country grazing land, leaving you wondering what all the fuss is about.  Lake Tennyson is on the right but out of sight.  It is not long before you begin a decent climb up Malings Pass of about 250 vertical metres as the trail threads its way through the pass and around Mount Stanley.  The trail is wide and easy riding bar the climbing.  The descent however is much steeper and will have most riders' brakes burning with a number of deep runoff trenches to be navigated to avoid going over the handlebars. The sections through the native beech forest will have you hooting and hollering with joy.

As you come down the hill the Waiau River sprawls its way across the valley floor.  The 4WD trail makes way for newly developed wide single track through scrub, matagouri, and tussock.  After 17km from trail start you will come to the turn off to Lake Guyon on the left and Lake Guyon Hut, 2.5km up the turn off.  This is the end of the section of the trail classified as intermediate and the beginning of the advanced riding.  It would be a nice day ride to come into Lake Guyon for a picnic or some fishing, but be aware that the hill back over Malings Pass would be a long walk and bike push for most riders without a high level of fitness.  It is also possible to walk and carry your bike for from Lake Guyon up over Fowlers Pass for some sweet single track back down to TopHouse Road (we are not certain how long this takes as we have not done it - but reports are between 90 mins and 7 hours!!!).

From the Lake Guyon turnoff you need to be keeping a sharp eye out for the blue DOC markers showing the trail.  In many places the trail is not necessarily well defined and you will find yourself riding over grassy fields or navigating through tussock or matagouri where you could easily pick up a cattle trail and head off in the wrong direction.  The track from Lake Guyon to the Saddle Spur swing bridge, the first of two newly developed bridges over the Waiau River, is flowing and great riding.  Although the bridge at Saddle Spur marks close to the halfway mark the ride gets much harder from here and subsequently the second half will take you much longer.

Immediately after crossing the Saddle Spur swing bridge you are faced with a 20 to 30 minute granny gear grind and bike carrying climb up over Saddle Spur.  Follow the blue markers as you zigzag up a grassy field where there is no actual trail before an obvious track sidles its way round the spur.  There are times where the trail narrows to not much more than a goat track and the steep fall to the left of you makes it pretty unrideable for most riders.  Once over Saddle Spur and down the tricky descent the trail once again opens out weaving it's way through a forest of tyre munching Matagouri trees, bring lots of spare tubes if you are not riding tubeless.  You will ride right past Pool Hut which is very welcoming for a cup of tea, lunch or an overnight stop.

Once again you cross over the roaring Waiau River, this time on the newly built Macarthur swing bridge.  Be cautious on the decent immediately after crossing the bridge - it is steep and rocky.  The hardest part of the ride is however behind you.

After Macarthurs Bridge the trail becomes fast and smooth 4wd and farm track that almost fools you into thinking that it is all plain sailing home.  But not until you get a good kilometer or two of bone crunching river bed with boulders the size of small buildings to navigate through and a nasty climb up over Peters Pass after a long time in the saddle.  Three of four switchbacks will have your legs and lungs pushed to the limit.

Once at the top as they say, it's all downhill from here.  The trail proper turns right at the sign onto old farm trails into Peter's Valley and onto St James Homestead.  Alternatively if the legs and mind are weary the 4wd Edwards Valley road provides a quick relatively smooth descent back to TopHouse Rd and a few kilometers to the Homestead.  For those riding back to the starting car park it might be easiest to take the Edwards Valley Rd down to TopHouse Rd effectively saving yourself 4 or 5 kilometers.

Whether taken as an epic one day ride or staggered over a few days (with possible overnights in Lake Guyon, Pool and Scotties Huts or many camping possibilities) the St James Cycle Trail will surely become recognised as one of New Zealand's greatest mountain bike rides.  It is truly a magnificent adventure and made all the better that the theraputic Hanmer Spring's award-winning natural hot pools are ride there to soak away the bumps and bruises.

Approximate distances and St James Cycle Trail ride times:

  Distance Approximate Ride time
Maling Pass entrance car park to 4WD track end 12km 1 - 1.5 hours
4WD track end to Lake Guyon Junction 4.5km 30 - 40 mins
Lake Guyon junction to Lake Guyon Hut 2.5km 20 mins
Lake Guyon junction to Saddle Spur Bridge 11km 45 mins - 1.5 hours
Saddle Spur Bridge to Pool Hut 7km 1 - 1.5 hours
Pool Hut to Charlies Saddle 5.3km 30 - 60 mins
Charlies Saddle to Scotties Hut 5.3km 30 - 60 mins
Scotties Hut to Peters Pass junction 10km 30 mins - 1.5 hours
Peters Pass junction to St James Homestead 7km 15 - 30 mins


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