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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

The Fault Line

Regional Ride

West Coast, South Island

This ride is a combination of grassy 4WD road and sweet single track in true NZ rain forest.

This is a great short ride that can be done in laps – helps bring the heart rate up and you are rewarded with a fun, flowing downhill. Alternatively ride from town to make the ride longer. 

The ride starts on the flat at the end of a potential new subdivision road. This is a shingle road (no road sign). You will know you're on the correct road as there are white markers with "MTB" along the left hand side of the road. 

There is a pedestrian/rider access to the right of the gate, go through this and hang a left up the bank onto Burma Road. This is a steady climb for approx. 1.3 kms on a wide grass track, stick to the obvious ride line as there are hidden ruts beside the track, some are quite deep.

Near the top of Burma Road the bush closes in and a few metres further on you'll see a white marker pointing left to the track, this is Faultline. Faultline is primo singletrack and meanders through prime native bush for approx. 1.7 kms with some great berms.

It was built for speed but designed so that a beginner can ride it, be warned, there are some sharp corners!! Currently there are two structures built to the side of the main track, one is intermediate (blue square) and is called "Uplift" and the other is advanced (black diamond) and is called "Ribcage", there are plans to build more structures in the near future to make the ride a bit more interesting.

The surface of Faultline has been extensively shingled and compacted, it can be ridden within an hour of the rain stopping, a real bonus compared to clay based tracks. Please respect the hard work done by the volunteers and do not skid!

At no stage should you ride up Faultline, it is a "Downhill Traffic Only" track (sign at exit) and the last thing you want to meet is one of the locals hammering down the track. The local MTB Club allow walkers/runners on the track so be mindful that you may encounter someone while riding, it has proven very popular with local walkers who often take their dogs for a walk. The track is on private land so you ride at your own risk.



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