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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

From George Denton Park go through the metal gate and follow the track up. Very soon you will meet the bird sanctuary fence. You can follow the fence in either direction, however heading up (left) from here is the most popular way to go.

The 4wd track continues up in short steep rises up to the wind turbine. From here the gradient is generally more rolling until you reach the highest point, also known as the tapu sign.

After a short descent you will pass a gap in the regular fence on your left - this is the last exit if you wish to go up towards Hawkins Hill. From here the track traverses for about 300 metres before diving down to the area that used to be known as 'The Glade', which is the lowest point at the southwest end. Beware of this descent if wet as the gradient increases going down culminating in a rutty clay section before levelling off again.

From The Glade you can access Wrights Hill. To continue around the Fenceline keep the fence on your right and head up. The track climbs for about 500 metres before levelling off again. Just past a transmission tower there is an intersection on your left that will take you to the Wrights Hill parade ground.

Fenceline continues for another 600m before it meets the Scout Hall track. You can go down the steep hill beside the fence but it is extremely steep with loose gravel and rocks, beware. It is easier to go down Scout Hall and then rejoin Fenceline at the bottom - possibly via Croydon.

For walking tracks inside Karori Sanctuary, check out Karori Reservoir, Valley View, Sanctuary Fenceline.


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