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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

The track starts at the top of Labyrinth and ends at the back of the playground on Parkway. The ECNZ pylon road also passes the top of Spoonhill – look out for power pylon 28 which is 30m downhill from the road.

Much of the track consists of a clay surface that is especially tricky when wet. Not much of the track has a solid base, so deep ruts are common.

About 150m down from power pylon 28, the track branches in two directions. Take 491 to the left for the moderate, all-weather track or continue on Spoonhill to the right for the difficult, dry weather track. The two tracks rejoin about 0.3km further down Spoonhill.

Further down, you can turn right into Nga Tuna, which is of an easier grade than Spoonhill, and connects you back into Wetland Loop and the Waiu Street carpark. Continuing forward ends you at playground on Parkway (a road).

At the bottom there is a choice between a very steep clay chute that drops straight down the hill versus an alternative line that weaves off to the left. The alternative line used to be easier, but has become deeply rutted, so the clay chute might be a better option (though not if it is wet!).


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