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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

Just past the radar dome jump over the metal barrier at a sign-posted 4wd track that deviates off the sealed road.

The track initially leads up about 20m to a lookout over the deep valley below. It then drops sharply down to the right.

Apart from a couple of bumps, the track descends down a ridge at around a 20% gradient until it turns across the eastern face of the hill and heads to the valley floor.

The lowest point on the track is where it crosses the Waipapa Stream which meanders along the valley floor - at an altitude that is some 380m lower than the highest point. From there it is a short but steep climb up to meet the northern side of the Waipapa Loop.

At the intersection with Waipapa Loop the choices are to either turn left and go up the 30% gradient to Red Rocks, or go down to the valley floor (again) then up the not quite so steep but much higher southern part of Waipapa Loop. Or if you're really keen you could go down to the valley floor then up Waipapa West to Ribs.


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