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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Queen Elizabeth Park

Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

Queen Elizabeth Park is a popular recreational area, with facilities for swimming, fishing, walking, mountain biking, horse riding, and picnicing. The 650 hectare park encompasses the last remaining area of natural sand dunes on the Kapiti Coast, adjacent to sandy beaches and views of Kapiti Island.

The highest point in the park is at an altitude of only 35m above sea level. Even so, there is a surprising amount of hill climbing - albeit in short bursts - as the tracks weave their way over and around the sand dunes. The tracks generally have a firm surface, but watch out for an occasional sand trap where a section of track has subsided or a dune has drifted onto the track. Also note that there is little shelter from the elements in the park, with the prevailing northwest wind dishing out a good sand blasting - especially on the coastal tracks.

The park has a long history, including Maori pa sites at Whareroa and Wainui beaches. During World War II the largest United States Marine Corps camp in New Zealand was located in and around the park, housing 20,000 people. There is a World War II memorial next to Whareroa Road.

Total number of tracks for Queen Elizabeth Park 16; total distance of all tracks 36.5km.


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