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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

Just out the back of Te Aro Polhill, like Mt Vic, is just minutes from the CBD.

Most of the trails are very short (less than 700m) with a few exceptions that are between 1-2 km (like Planet Ride, Transient, the Roller Coaster and Squatters). Polhill is not a fully continuous network of tracks but, if you plan ahead, your ride shouldn't be too disjointed

Most of the Polhill trail network would suit riders with some experience (intermediate). There are easier links like Dogs, Planet Ride, Sawmill, Smash Palace or the Karori Sanctuary Fenceline (Wrights Hill).

There are access issues, however new tracks with no issues (like Transient) are being developed. WCC does not actually permit riding on Polhill because you will have to cross privately owned land at some point. Several of the land owners aren't happy chaps. Also, if you do choose to ride here quite a few single tracks can become overgrown and tree's that are felled may not be taken away.

The overall proximity of Polhill (10-15 mins) makes it a good candidate for a moonlit weeknight ride or a better place to spend your lunch hour than the office cafe.

There are lots of access points. You could start from: the steps that lead up to the Fenceline in Waiapu Rd (Karori Wildlife Sanctuary), Brosnahan Terrace in Mitchelltown, the back of George Denton Park in Highbury Rd, Ashton Fichett Drive in Brooklyn, at the top of Mt Pleasant Rd.

Total number of tracks for Polhill 15; total distance of all tracks 12km.