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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

From the northern end, this track follows a creek down the valley at the heart of the Kilmister Block of Belmont Regional Park. There are places where the track is not well defined, but the valley is quite narrow so you can't go too far wrong.

After crossing the creek or its tributaries ten times, there is an obvious intersection:

The eastern branch, across the creek, is the bottom of Speedys – a very steep track that drops down from near the summit of Boulder Hill (probably best done as a descent).

The western branch is the continuation of Kilmister.

Cycle up the steep hill to the west and then down a long and winding farm road to a Y-intersection at the first of another series of stream crossings. Cross the concrete ford and turn right. There are another five stream crossings as you go up a narrow gully that climbs steeply to eventually emerge next to the Hill Road car park. This is a tough climb – expect to do some bike pushing/carrying in this section, whichever direction you're travelling in.


  • Kilmister