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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Hutt River Trail

Regional Ride

Wellington, North Island

The Hutt River Trail is a popular recreational area that runs alongside the Hutt River from Hikoikoi Reserve in Petone to Birchville in Upper Hutt.

Unlike most tracks in Wellington, the Hutt River Trail is virtually flat. There are occasional bumps and an overall slight uphill trend as you head up the valley, but nothing of significance. Along the entire 28.4km length of the eastern side of the river from Petone to Birchville, the track rises about 75m – giving an average gradient of 0.25%, which is barely noticeable.

In addition to the continuous trail along the eastern bank of the Hutt River, there are parallel sections along most of the western bank. However, there are gaps in the western tracks, one of which (Manor Park) is a dead-end.

Due to the length of the Hutt River Trail, it is described in sections. Each of the sections starts and/or ends at a bridge over the Hutt River, since the bridges provide natural break points along the trail and also offer opportunities to cross to the opposite bank. The sections are named after a bridge, park, or other landmark associated with that section of the trail.

There are plans to extend Gemstone as far as the Te Marua area of Kaitoke Regional Park, linking in with the Rimutaka Rail Trail and other tracks in the area.


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