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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Rotorua Rotorua Map

Where else can you bike along a lake with the majestic Tongariro Mountains posing as a scenic backdrop? Cruise to Hukafalls or explore the exciting newly open Waikato River Trails? 



Our down to earth locals, cultural values, hospitality and dramatic landscape are the region’s true gifts. You’ll find snow-capped mountains, the largest freshwater lake in Australasia, pristine native bush, steaming thermal areas and the Tongariro National Park, and one of the world’s only Dual World Heritage Parks.

It's a true laid-back kiwi region reflecting all that is wholesome and fresh about this inspiring country. Here you can learn about our culture, our people and best of all, explore our landscape by bike. This is 100% pure New Zealand.


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