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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Sunshine Bay and Arawata Terrace

Regional Ride

Queenstown, South Island

The Sunshine Bay Track is a short intermediate ride through native bush along the lake front. The trail can be ridden in any direction although it is much easier to ride from the Glenorchy ride back to town. There are some narrow sections and steep bits that make this at the upper end of an intermediate track.

From leaving Queenstown on the Glenorchy Road turn left at the metal barrier leading on a driveway down to the lake and some sort of power station type building. The trail heads behind the building and is then single track all the way to Sunshine Bay. From the Sunshine Bay end an obvious gravel road leads to the waters edge and the track is on the left. There are public toilets at Sunshine Bay.

A popular loop for cyclists wanting to grab a one hour or so burn from town is to combine the Sunshine Bay track with a loop up around Arawata Terrace. As you come out of the trail at the Sunshine Bay end turn back right on the main road heading back toward Queenstown. After just under 500 metres turn left into Fernhill Road and then left again into Arawata Terrace after the reserve.

Continue up Arawata Terrace until the road talk a sharp right corner. A sign posted gravel trail turns off to the left above the road. The trail turns into a sweet short 1.5km single track back to the Glenorchy Rd. Turn left and head back toward Queenstown dropping back onto the Sunshine Bay track for the ride home.


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