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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Moke Lake to Seffertown

Regional Ride

Queenstown, South Island

Moke Lake has a fantastic basic DOC Camping Area and is also a great place to base yourself for a day swimming and playing on the flat grass. The Moke Lake to Seffertown ride is a great beginners ride to give a real taste of the enormity of the back country around Queenstown. Seffertown was a gold mining settlement of about 500 people in it’s day.

The trail is a well maintained gravel road all the way to Seffertown with few serious hills or challenges. From Moke Lake climb over the fence at the sty at the signs for the Moonlight Track to Arthurs Point. At the top of the first small hill there is a ford to cross that most people can ride across - you will get wet feet!

The ride to Seffertown is about 6.5 kilometres. However, to avoid a very big hill (both up and down) stop just on 6 kilometres on a natural plateau overlooking the river. You will know you are in the right place as you will be looking at the road go steeply down to the river and there are beehives in the field on the right. Turning around here will save you a big bike push back up from the river!

Alternatively continue down the steep hill to Seffertown (there is actually nothing there) and head back along a 4WD track that crosses back and forward over the river. This trail is not technical in anyway and is a lovely ride back to the Moke Lake Camping Area.


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