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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Moke Lake Loop

Regional Ride

Queenstown, South Island

The Moke Lake camping area is a fabulous area to spend the day with the family, swimming, kicking a ball around and throwing in a few rides. The 7 kilometre Moke Lake Loop is something that nearly all the family can do. It is not too easy but not too hard either.

Starting from the camping ground crossing over a small wooden bridge heading toward the western side of the lake where the obvious track starts after lifting your bike over a few farms sties.

The trail starts by making it’s way uphill before leveling out and ride along above the lake with small undulations. The only thing to watch is the dips in the track from the drainage that can have some riders going too fast flying over the handle bars.

At the Southern End at a Y Junction takes you off to Lake Dispute (see Lake Dispute ride). Continue to the left where the trail goes onto a wooden boardwalk to cross a marsh area. At the end of the board walk after crossing one more farm sty the trail rises sharply to climb up and over the peninsula before another section of boardwalk brings you to the main Moke Lake road where it is a short ride back to the camping area.


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