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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand


Regional Ride

Queenstown, South Island

Macetown is a great ride for a group with riders of all abilities. The track is generally easy, and there is an interesting destination to aim for.

From the west end of the Arrowtown shops, you´ll see a `Macetown`sign 100 metres away. From this sign, a slightly confusing jumble of tracks heads into the valley. Follow the main 4WD track northeast (to your right).

En route, you´ll cross the Arrow River over a dozen times. There are small yellow pegs along the way marking points of interest - for the self-guide brochure describing these points contact the Lakes District Museum in Arrowtown or DOC in Queenstown.

At peg `3`make sure you turn right.

At peg `14`, you should follow the main 4DW track as it turns left to cross the river and then heads up the obvious side valley to Macetown. At the Macetown Historic Reserve, there are interpretation boards and loads of great picnic spots. You can continue a further 2km up valley to check out the Anderson Battery if you´re interested in that sort of thing. Return the same way.

Notes: Best done on a stinking hot day. There a loads of stream crossings - take a big bottle of oil. DOC´s Arrowtown walks and trails pamphlet and Topomap F41 Arrowtown show the route (or Terramp Queenstown & Cromwell Recreation Areas).