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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

7 Mile

Classic Mountain Bike Ride

Queenstown, South Island

The purpose built single track at 7 Mile Delta (being 7 miles from downtown Queenstown) ranks as some of the best riding in New Zealand by many. There are heaps of loops and variations to be done that all circle back to the central hubs known as the The Hub, Eagles Nest and the Dream Arena. There are banked corners, berms and jumps - although all jumps can easily be side-stepped by sticking to the trails. Manmade wooden structures like log rides, skinnies, clatter bridges and banked wooden corners add a dose of spice for those adventurous advanced riders.

All the trails are one-way, so generally you are riding up the main access trail and down the single tracks. The main arterial trail is quite difficult and a strenuous climb - probably rating at a high intermediate. You could walk your bike up this and find easier trails to come down if it is too hard.

7 Mile can be accessed either from 7 Mile Delta or Wilsons Bay (another two kilometres further on from Queenstown) both on the Glenorchy Road. The entrance from Wilsons Bay is much easier than the entrance from 7 Mile Delta, which has some sharp drops and roots systems to contend with.

Starting in Wilsons Bay we recommend you ride into The Hub and start your day with the awesome Cool Runnings Trail. Then ride over to Eagles Nest and ride Kachoong. Finally ride Grin and Holler from The Hub back to Wilsons Bay. This will give you about 90 minutes riding and a real taste for 7 Mile.

If riding to 7 Mile from Queenstown add in the Sunshine Bay track instead of slogging it out on the road.


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