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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Waitarere Side Track

Regional Ride

Manawatu, North Island

This is a collection of some of the better defined side tracks in the Waitarere Forest.

The tracks at the north end provide access to the Foxton river. The long track (3.5 km) in the northwest near the beach is called RD42. The loop at the south end goes along the back of houses on Kahukura Avenue, and there are several entry/exit points here. This part of the track is popular with the locals walking dogs. There is a fire station and water supply along this route.

There are many tracks criss-crossing the forest between the main Waitarere Forest tracks. It´s recommended taking a GPS and a map as many of the routes are not marked and it is easy to get lost if you are not familiar with the area.


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