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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Lismore Jump Park and Sticky Forest

Classic Mountain Bike Ride

Lake Wanaka, South Island

These two areas are ideal for a bit of playing and perfect for an quick evening on the bike.

The Lismore Jump Park includes a plethora of features for an exhilarating morning or afternoon including dirt tabletops, wooden features, a jump track and technical tracks for those who like it steep and tricky.

A short ride out of town, The Sticky Forest network of trails makes the best of the local exotic pine forest. There are over 20 tracks to choose from; from the technical switchbacks of Stumpy and Yumpts, to the beautiful berms of Venus, to Crankin' Fine's legendary uphill corkscrew, these trails are expertly designed to be enjoyed by beginners and pros alike.




  • Sticky FOrest