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Hukafalls Jet

Taupo Activity

200 Karetoto Road
Phone: 0800 48 52 53
Contact: Hukafalls Jet

Hukafalls Jet in Taupo, offers a unique combination of excitement and natural beauty. A 30-minute thrilling jet boat ride in the hands of a down-to-earth, funny professional jet boat driver who can make a jet boat do things you would never believe possible.

The half hour of thrills, fun and excitement takes you along a beautiful river environment, lined with native bush, sheer rock cliff face and natural hot springs.

Combine 360° spins and passing nature by incredibly close at disorientating speeds for an amazing must-do visitor experience, before even reaching the awe inspiring majesty that is the Huka Falls. From the unique vantage point on the boat you have the best water level view of Huka Falls – New Zealand’s most visited natural attraction. Hukafalls Jet is the only jet boat company operating in this stretch of the Waikato River.

Located in the Wairakei Tourist Park, just off State Highway 1, and very nearby the awesome Craters of the Moon mountain bike trails.  Bike parking available.  You can also access us by bike along the Spa Park to Huka Falls trail, offering awesome views of the Waikato River and Huka Falls from the bridge above!  Or we can pick you up from Taupo for FREE!


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  • Hukafalls Jet - Adult Jet Boat ride from $109.00

    30 minute jet boat ride to the base of Huka Falls - NZ's most visited natural attraction. Full of 360 degree spins, entertaining commentary and guaranteed fun!

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  • Hukafalls Jet - Child Jet Boat ride from $65.00

    Valid for children over 1metre tall and up to 15years old.

  • H2-Ohhh (Jet boat/White water rafting combo) from $209.00

    Dash to the base of the spectacular Huka Falls onboard a twin engine V6 jet boat. Play in the tail of the mighty Huka Falls and slide past cliffs and trees at an amazing 80km/hr. Then get ready for Hukafalls Jet's trademark 360 degree spins, leaving you with a beaming smile and a heart pumping with adrenalin. We'll then transfer you so you can continue your white water adventure by paddling and splashing your way along the Tongariro River, enjoying a rafting experience that combines the heart-pumping action of more than 60 rapids with sufficient lower grade water that enables the splendid scenery and ample wildlife to be enjoyed.
    Total trip time: 7 hours (approx)

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