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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Te Iringa

Regional Ride

Lake Taupo, North Island

Starting at Te Iringa Campsite/car park off Clemet Mill Rd 45mins from Taupo. You have a few options, 1st is an overnighter to Oamaru Hut, 2nd is to ride over Te Iringa to a campsite or go little further to Kaipo Swing Bridge – both these day options make it a big day trip so keep an eye on the day light.

From the car park it slowly climbs (330m) but don’t be fooled its starts get steep and very techy quickly, towards the top it gets ride able again but expect to be doing a lot of pushing. After 1.5hrs you get to the old Te Iringa Hut site, (burnt down, wasn’t replaced) good place for some food. After leaving here it climbs a little longer and up some steps to the high point before it drops to the junction of Tikitiki Stream and Kaipo River but don’t be ready to ride much quite yet… there are ride able sections but also some steep nasty narrow sections so carry, lift, drag bike is involved.

But before you throw you bike off the hill side (trust me at some point of the ride you will be tempted) there is an amazing down hill to the campsite, not to steep, flows well and a few tricky roots to keep you on your game. When you hit the series of tight (real tight) short switch backs the campsite is just below, if you're just riding to there leave the bike at the top and walk down and have your lunch at the campsite beside the stream at the bottom, if you're heading to the hut or swing bridge struggle down. This make a good lunch spot and about 3.5hrs from the car park and 2hrs from the old hut site.

After lugging the bike up the other side of the stream (look a little down stream where the logs are, there is a rope going up the bank) and from here its bout 20-30mins to the swing bridge. Once over the bridge head straight, the first bit has sections of carrying the bike over guts and bogs but gets better and stays pretty flat all the way to the hut, 1.5hrs from the Bridge.

Once you it hit the grass you're only a couple of minutes to the hut. Oamaru hut is a 12 bunk hut with a coal burner and is a welcome sight.

There is walking only access out through Poronui Station but please don’t head this way out, it is over private land and could affect everyone’s access though the station.

Coming out the ride toward the bridge and after to the campsite rolls along nicely, then the climb….. lower sections are ride able if you have the legs/lungs and after the mid section ride some more but the top is pure evil, push, carrying, lifting after big climb is not fun BUT after well earned rest at the old hut site and a little more up it is pure sweet techy, step downs drops, ruts, roots almost all ride able single track that’s will have you buzzing for the next week!!!



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