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Chatto Creek


It is hard to believe that Chatto Creek was once a thriving community of nearly 900.  Today, there is just the Chatto Creek Tavern and New Zealand’s smallest post office there now.  But what a tavern it is.  The Tavern was built of mud bricks and stacked stone in 1886 to replace the Three Horse Shoes hotel which had burnt down.   Stop for a coffee and explore the many historical photographs and memorabilia on the walls.

As well the tavern there is other accommodation options nearby.

The Post Office that now sits alongside the Tavern is New Zealand’s smallest post office.  It was originally establish by the Railway station in 1892 inside a tent insulated with newspapers.

In the 1950s Chatto Creek became the focus of an expedition by the Otago Museum after remains of Moa bones and eggs were discovered.  The Moa was one of the world’s largest flightless birds and was hunted to extinction by the native Maori people.

As well as tourism there is extensive farming of the region.


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chatto creek otago: -45.1408219; 169.5090495

Chatto Creek Map