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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Moumoukai Farm Track

Regional Ride

Auckland, North Island

A fantastic XC single track in the Hunua Ranges just outside of Auckland. 

Cycle the road down the valley. Go through the gate on the left fork. Keep going up down the valley past the track to the right leading to the River Loop. Keep cycling on the road. Look out for the track leaving the road to the right. It is after you start to climb a hill.

Make sure you take the track labelled Moumoukai Farm Loop. Follow the signs carefully. There are times when you traverse large paddocks and the track isn't distinct. Apart from the paddocks most of the trail is single track.

At about 7.3km you go back onto the road again. Ride about 1/2 km along the road and look for the single track going off to the left. This is the best trail in Hunua, about 1km mostly gently down hill. Watch the ditch when you rejoin the road.

After the ditch you turn right and go back up the hill and there is single track on your left. This new trail goes for a couple kms with a steep drop and back onto the 4wd track. Ride along here for a couple of kms and then there is more single track on the right. Comes down hill and crosses 4wd track and into a cool downhill section with a big dipper style drop in the middle, then rejoins 4wd track just before the hump and dodgy section into the stream.

Through the stream and 30m back up to the road. Easy ride back home.