Hells Gate

Hells Gate - The New Zealand Tourism Award winning geothermal attraction for a guided walks, glorious geothermal Mud bath and sulphur spa.

New Zealand is located on the “Ring of Fire” where the earth is always in a state of upheaval. This is no more evident than in Rotorua on New Zealand's volcanic plateau where geothermal activity is pronounced including erupting geysers, steaming fumaroles, mud pools and hot geothermal springs.

Hells Gate Geothermal Park is set in 50 acres with a large variety of thermal features. Walk past steaming fumeroles and hot pools of boiling MUD so violent they are unnerving.



Natural Spa Therapies and Mud Baths The unique geothermal muds and waters of Rotorua are renown for their curative and invigorating properties—and this is particularly so at “Hells Gate” - Rotorua’s most active thermal park.
Hells Gate & Wai Ora Spa Mud Therapies The Wai Ora Massage and mud therapies are undertaken by our trained staff. The massage regime has at its core the unique traditional Wai Ora Massage which can be delivered as a half hour or one hour experience. It encompasses a relaxing full body massage incorporating elements of Miri Miri (Maori massage technique)