K-Loop - Arapuke Forest Park


Found at the end of Kahuterawa Rd, the common loop is to ride up Back Track to the gate at Scott’s Rd into the area being logged.

Jack Frost trail starts just past the gate on the right and after riding around the dam, takes an easy gradient to climb the hill beside Arapuke Rd. At the start of ZigZag Rd is Jumpin Jack Trail off to the right. This follows the road down to the lower skid site. From there take the road down and either take the 4WD track on the right down to the bridge or find the trails to the left that remain in the forest.

Logging has commenced and will continue every year through to 2015. From December, logging operations will commence and there will be no access during the week until the end of April. Weekend access all year.

Some trails have been redeveloped and it is expected that there will be a 5km loop at the top of Back Track by summer 2013. This will be developed as logging progress and funding allows.


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