NZ Cycle Trail

In early 2009, Prime Minister John key announced there would be $50 million committed to creating a series of cycleways across both islands of New Zealand. This network of cycleways of Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail Project will be based around New Zealand's iconic attractions and existing infrastructure. Ultimately providing thousands of kilometers of trails, these Great Rides will take in the best of New Zealand's dramatic landscapes and are the future of cycle tourism in New Zealand.

The Great Rides will take cyclists through subtropical forests of the far North, along historic old coach roads, to breathtaking mountain and lake views, past deserted beaches and through rainforests and lush wetlands. There will be something for all levels of cyclists to enjoy on trails that are being built.

The brand Nga Haerenga means 'the journeys', both in a physical and spiritual sense, and this is exactly the sort of experience visitors to New Zealand and New Zealanders themselves will enjoy.

There are now 22 Great Rides open for your enjoyment, with new sections being improved and developed each year. So get out and make the most of them!