Getting Here

New Zealand's isolation in the lower South Pacific is both a blessing and a curse. It makes it more costly to get here, but all the more incentive to make the most of your visit here!

The days of the steamship have long since passed, so with the exception of some cruise ship passengers, the bulk of our international visitors will be arriving by plane. With that decision taken care of, the main decisions to make are where to fly to, and who to fly with!

Who to fly with?

Many airlines operate flights in and out of New Zealand, so you can explore the options depending on your itinerary. However, our national carrier Air New Zealand provides the most route options, a great travel experience and a bike friendly service that is proud to recommend. They offer 31 connections from 19 different countries, so you are sure to find an option that suits you!

Air New Zealand have been a proud supporter of New Zealand's tourism industry, so getting a taste of New Zealand on the journey here simply makes sense. Search for affordable flight options here.

Where to land?

New Zealand has five international airports. The one you choose will depend on your length of stay, regions of preference and flight options available. The largest and most connected airport is in Auckland. This will likely be your first port of call if coming from Europe, Asia or the Americas. For those travelling from (or via) Australia, there are other good options to consider. Flying into Wellington for example can provide numerous options for exploring the country in both directions.

If your travels will focus on the arguably more picturesque South Island, Christchurch has the largest airport and is your most likely base to explore the regions from. For shorter trips, flying into Queenstown can drop you straight into the heart of this tourist mecca, with good access to five of our 'Great Rides', plus many other mountain biking and tourist experiences. The fifth and final option is Dunedin, a less likely choice unless you have your own specific reasons for landing here.

Arriving by Cruise Ship?

A growing number of visitors are arriving by cruise ship. Usual stopovers are only for a day, but that doesn't preclude you from a bit of cycling. For example, Wellington's Remutaka Cycle Trail is a great day excursion and a good way to get your exercise. Green Jersey Explorer Tours offer customised journeys designed to work around your schedule. Check out their one-day shore excursions here!