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The Great Rides and Cycle Trails of New Zealand

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

New Zealand Cycle Trail

Mackenzie Country, South Island

Planning on riding the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail? Check out the Alps 2 Ocean Full Tour Experience or Contact us for help in planning your itinerary and booking your trip. 

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail will stretch 312 kms through the Mackenzie Basin and down the Waitaki Valley to Oamaru and the Pacific Ocean. Beginning at the base of New Zealand's highest peak and passing a number of glacial lakes while descending 780 metres to the mighty Pacific Ocean, this promises to be one of New Zealand's most epic Great Rides.

While there will be a number of entry points along the trail, the logical path is heading downhill from Mt Cook Village with the prevailing north-westerly wind to aid you along the way. A number of towns along the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail will offer accommodation options, delectable cuisine and other activities along the way - catering to both single and multi-day cyclists. 

It is also the only New Zealand Cycle Trail to have Helibike alternative to one of the sections. Instead of riding from Twizel to Ohau Village around the mountains on the flat, fly to the summit, admire the views and ride down the other side. An amazing backcountry adventure for all abilities. If you are keen to take this heli-bike alternative (and why wouldn't you be?), check out in our Things to Do tab above. 

This epic trail will continue through The Mackenzie Basin, past Lake Ohau, Omarama, Otemetata, Lake Benmore, Lake Aviemore, Lake Waitaki, Kurow, Duntroon, past Elephant Rocks and Vanished World sites and into Oamaru.

The section from Mt Cook Village to Omarama is scheduled to open on February 16th. 

Sections of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

Route Distance Trail Grade Approximate Time Notes
Mount Cook - Braemar Station 37km 2 3-4 hours The Alps to Ocean Cycle trail begins in the picture-perfect Mount Cook Village - surrounded by the Southern Alps and... ...more
Braemar Station - Twizel 45km 2 3 - 4 hours The second section of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail begins with 1-2 hours of riding along a quiet gravel road. ...more
Twizel to Ohau 39km 2 3-4 hours The Twizel to Ohau section of the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail is the only section that has an elevation gain. ...more
Ohau to Omarama 42km 2 3-4 hours This Alpine section of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail goes from the Lake Ohau lodge to Omarama on dedicated... ...more
Omarama to Otematata 24km 2 2-3 hours This is arguably your biggest day on the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail. ...more
Otematata to Kurow 43km 2 3 - 4 hours On this section of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, you'll take in the largest dam within the Waitaki Hydro... ...more
Kurow to Duntroon 27km 2 3 - 4 hours On this second to final day of the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail, you'll leave the mountains behind and come... ...more
Duntroon to Oamaru 53km 2 4 - 5 hours On this final section of the A2O trail, you'll pass through limestone formations where you'll find Maori rock drawings and... ...more


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