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Waitahu to Kirwans Link: The Lord Brassey Track

Regional Ride

West Coast, South Island

If you get your bike to the Lord Brassey Battery, take a bow. This Goliath of stamper batteries stands proud as ever, nestled far, far in the forest. It is in such good condition it could almost crush quartz again. Commit to a full day trip with a 4WD and short tramp, or pick it off from Kirwans Hut. Either way you will find your self asking, "how did it get here." The old miners didn’t mind a challenge.

You will be able to ride a significant amount of the track up to the stamper battery, but expect to get off and push. From the stamper battery up to Kirwans hut it is very steep with quite a few switch backs.

This track links the Waitahu valley with Kirwans Track. Use the “Capleston to Gannons Road Track” to make a massive mountain bike mission loop.



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