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Clutha River Outlet Track

Classic Mountain Bike Ride

Lake Wanaka, South Island

Spectacular scenery on offer as the track follows the Clutha River/Mata-Au from its start at the Lake Wanaka outlet to the finish at the Hikuwai Reserve in Albert Town.  

This stretch of the river is world-renowned for its trout fishing and popular with walkers. Cruisy biking for the whole family.

To extend the Clutha River Outlet Track ride head on to the Dublin Bay loop (16km) from Albert Town. From the outlet track end turn left and travel on the SH6 for approx 2km. Turn left on to the gravel road signposted ‘Dublin Bay,' turn left again at a Y-intersection just before the bay and follow the 4wd track around the lake edge.

This is a great spot for a refreshing dip in the lake! The track continues round to reach the highway; there are many single tracks to explore between the dirt road and the water’s edge.



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  • Clutha river outlet ride
  • Clutha river outlet track

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