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The definitive where-to-ride guide for cycling in New Zealand


Definitive Where to Ride Guide for New Zealand

On NZByBike, New Zealand's most-searched cycle information website, you'll find descriptions, photos and maps of cycle trails all around New Zealand. Use NZByBike to plan and book your cycle trip by finding bike shops, cycle-friendly accommodation providers, tour operators and things to do when you're not on your bike.
Book with over 200 Official NZByBike Partners nationwide to ensure you have the best time seeing New Zealand by bike. 

Background on NZByBike

NZByBike formed in August of 2010 to provide the most comprehensive information on cycling in New Zealand including the trails of Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail, local and regional cycle trails all around New Zealand and cycle friendly businesses. NZByBike promotes and markets cycle friendly businesses, through this website, at trade shows internationally and in New Zealand, through special promotional events and soon on our whizz bang interactive iPad guides. We have Official NZByBike Partners in all the top cycling areas of New Zealand and along the NZ Cycle Trails including the Otago Rail Trail, the newly developing trails and of course - the hundreds of classic and regional rides that make New Zealand a bloody great place to ride a bike. In addition to promoting these trails online, NZByBike produces downloadable Where to Ride Guides, is developing a smartphone app and travels New Zealand and abroad attending trade shows to market cycling in New Zealand and our NZByBike Partners.

In February of 2009, the Government-led jobs summit thrust the potential for Cycle Tourism into the spotlight when Prime Minister John Key enthused on the idea of a National Cycleway. This concept has since morphed into a series of 18 "Great Rides" around New Zealand under the brand of Nga Haerenga - The New Zealand Cycle Trail.

Cycle Tourism in New Zealand results in over 350,000 New Zealanders and 75,000 international visitors taking a holiday with the intention of doing some form of cycling each year - be this a day ride on one of New Zealand's world-renowned mountain bike tracks or a multi-day holiday on the Otago Rail Trail or one of the 18 multi-day rides of the New Zealand Cycle Trail Project. These high spending tourists spend over $350 million each year. was launched in August of 2010 with one goal - to tell the world the New Zealand is a bloody great place to ride a bike. We do this by featuring rides all around New Zealand, the latest cycle news and our Official NZByBike Partners scattered NZ-wide - be they accommodation operators, bike hire shops, tour companies or businesses offering things to do when you're not on your bike. 

Our message: New Zealand is simply better by bike. Ride On! 

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